Thursday, April 13, 2006


it seemed like a good idea at the time, but i don't suggest walking around on roof of EASY STREET RECORDS at 3am after you've been drinking....who woulda thought?!?!
anyway, just to clear a few things up about the LIVE EP that's coming out on June 20th:

a. i have NOTHING to do with this release, i am NOT the one who picked the songs or waited a year to release it. i'm flattered that people think i have this kind of power, but i don't. so to repeat i have NOTHING what so ever to do with the release of this CD, it is all PEARL JAM. so PLEASE stop e-mailing me with complaints about the CD....thanks.

b. the reason there will only be 7 songs on the CD, and not the whole show is because that's what the band wants. believe me i wish it was the whole show too! so please accept it and move on...i have. remember you don't have to buy the CD (even though you's only gonna be about 6 bucks!!)

c. the CD is NOT available to PRE-ORDER...yet, but it will be very soon (i promise).

d. as far as i know the EP will ONLY be available on CD, and not on vinyl.

i think that's about it for now, please feel free to e-mail me any OTHER questions and i'll try to answer 'em on here. tracklisting coming soon...and MORE pics!!!


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