Thursday, March 30, 2006

wanna push you in the MUD...HONEY

it's no secret that i LOVE grunge (even though i hate that word)...and what band is more grunge than MUDHONEY??? NO ONE...exactly!!! so when the band stopped by the store to celebrate their new record UNDER A BILLION SUNS and perform for 500 people or so, you know i was there with my flannel tee and ripped jeans on!! while the new record may not be classic (touch me,i'm sick) mudhoney, it's still one fine record...some of my favorites tracks are:

and the incredible ON THE MOVE

at the in-store, i finally got a chance to properly thank MARK ARK for making me feel welcome to seattle five years earlier (even if he didn't know it at the time).
here's my story: MAY,2001

i had just moved to seattle and didn't know a soul. mudhoney was playing @ the crocodile and i decided to go and see them, my 1st official seattle resident show. before the band went on mark was hanging out by the bar, so i decided to say "hi" to him. i explained my situation and how i had just moved here from new york and didn't know anyone, he then offered to buy me a beer. we ended up talking for 20 minutes or so, before he finally had to leave and go play. before he walked away, he asked me if there was any song i wanted them to play. i mentioned some song (i can't remember which one), he said they had a new bass player and he didn't know that one. i then mentioned a second song, but was told the same answer. finally, i said just dedicate a song to me or something, he laughed and said "i'll see what i can do." (he didn't dedicate a song to me). after the set, mark walked by me and asked me if i was doing okay. i just smiled and said "i'm doing okay, thanks for asking." that was the moment i knew i had made the right decision to move to seattle, for the first time i felt like i was home.
so once again...THANK YOU,MARK ARM.


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