Monday, March 27, 2006

and up first....MY MORNING JACKET

i was lucky this past year to see one of my favorite new bands MY MORNING JACKET play a show in SEATTLE...i was VERY lucky when JIM JAMES agreed to play at our QUEEN ANNE location the next day!!! he ended up playing 8 incredible songs for us, the show was also broadcast on the local station 90.3 KEXP. i didn't get to spend much time with Jim, but he was a very nice (& hairy) soft spoken man. pearl jam couldn't ask for a better opening band for the first leg of the tour...i am very jealous!! if you're not familair with the band, i beg you to check them will NOT be dissapointed!!
some of my favorite MMJ songs:

*it beats 4 u
*just one thing
*bermuda hwy
they also do an amazing cover of the ERYKAH BADU song 'TYRONE'

if you want to check out Jim's EASY STREET performance go here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the insight, I have not heard but WWS and Unemployable, both of which are great. With pearl jam the music always grows shapes bends and folds that the beauty of great musicians and Ed is Picasso with lyrics. Great review.

6:02 PM  

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