Monday, July 24, 2006

The Gorge Night One...enjoy!

Here are a bunch of pics I took of the band at the Gorge last Saturday, most came out quite nice I think. Anyway, out of the 25 or so Pearl Jam shows I've seen in my life this was easily one of the BEST shows ever (and that includes the Easy Street show). I had seats in the 11th row, but after the first set I was able to get up to the FRONT row thanks to a friend who had an extra pass. I don't ever remember seeing the band play with such a high energy before, which was amazing considering the temperature was around 90 degrees!! The highlight of the evening for me was at the end of the show during YELLOW LEDBETTER/LITTLE WING when Eddie, who had noticed me earlier, came over towards me and told one of the security guards to give me his bottle of wine. The guard told me to take a sip and pass it right back, so I took a sip then turned to the audience and toasted them. Finally, at the end of the show Eddie pulled the taped setlist off the stage and had the guard hand it to me. AMAZING, is all I can say. One last note, I got to hang out with Eddie for a bit after the second show and he told me that he still has the bottle for me & that it's a late birthday gift. So hopefully now everyone knows why I call myself ONE LUCKY FAN, because I truely am.

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Anonymous vedderfan10 said...

You're time I drive to Seattle, I'm stopping by Easy Street to say hi to you! Sorry I missed your booth at the Gorge!

PS. Excellent photos, by the way - and thanks for sharing your story!

6:34 PM  

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