Monday, April 24, 2006


What was the first record you bought?
I remember how much it cost -- $5. It was probably a Jackson 5 record. It might have been Got To Be There -- the Michael Jackson solo like a liquor store.

In Illinois?
Yeah, in Chicago.

What about the last?
The Joe Strummer and the 101ers -- his early stuff. I got a batch though. I got the new Crosby record, which is genius. I bought another copy of the Evens record for my friend. When I finally get down to the store, I buy a lot. They know me down there. It's called Easy Street, which we played recently.

You played a benefit there, right?
All the independent record store owners were in town in Seattle, of which the owner of Easy Street is part of that organization. So we thought it would make him look good and he'd be proud if we played his shop.

Do you get ten percent off now?
He sent me a gift certificate, which I still haven't used. I feel like I need to be paying for music.

check out the rest of the interview here:

and YES, he does get 10% off.


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